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With cross docking, you may not realize that you need the service until you do. Often, you will need to call your transportation services provider, and this is after freight is already in transit. At New Malwa, we can provide the cross docking services that you require.  

Once you know the estimated arrival time, our warehouse team will be alerted. With our premium facilities, we have everything that is needed to take care of your freight offloading, including forklifts, pallet jacks, and the manpower. Freight will be processed, and sorted as needed. Depending upon your individual needs, we will also be able to: 

- Tag

- Sort

- Prepare

- Split loads


These services are designed to make it easier for you to manage your freight and reduce a step on your end.

The cross docking can then take place. We will load and make the freight ready for further shipping. Depending upon your needs, we have the ability to arrange for local deliveries on our fleet, or can coordinate with other carriers and shippers so that it can be delivered as needed, based upon time and location constraints.

The flexibility that we offer is one of the ways that we are unique. In many instances, cross docking services are unexpected. However, even when they are planned, we can accommodate and received trucks as needed – including on the weekends and after hours.


We offer such cross docking services as:

- Floor loading

- Slip sheeting

- Bundling

- Freight palletization

- Block & bracing

- Flatbed loading

- Short-term storage


We support client operations and provide the needed order and logistics. Through the use of cross loading, you have the opportunity to save money and boost the overall productivity and efficiency of your operations. 

Think of how it can simplify all that you do. Cargo can be delivered to us. From there, we can break up pallets, provide the storage as needed, and then ship to the various destinations that you require. Whether you need freight to go from one side of the state to another or to the far corners of the globe, we are here to help – and have the manpower to assist regardless of what size freight you have arriving on our docks.

To learn more about our cross docking services and how they can make an impact on your operations, contact us today.

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