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Not every transportation company has the ability to transport HAZMAT materials. You can count on New Malwa to provide you with the high quality transportation services that you need.

There may be financial, legal, and public responsibilities when it comes to hazardous material transportation. If it is done in an unsafe manner, can cause an array of problems – and it can also lead to bad press for your company.

This can be avoided by choosing a high quality, experienced transportation company. We provide a secure and reliable environment for hazardous material transportation, whether it is by the truckload, LTL, or otherwise.

We work with an array of DOT regulated carriers with the necessary training and vehicles to transport your house or just materials. This can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your chemicals or other materials are in safe hands.


Examples of HAZMAT we can transport include:

- Chemicals 

- Oil

- Gasoline 

- Biohazardous materials 


Regardless of the regulated or nonregulated chemicals and materials, we can help to provide transportation throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We provide documentation the entire way, and are strict with following regulations. This protects you from various forms of liability, and ensures that the materials arrive to their destination in good condition.

We work with only the most experienced and specialized staff who have been trained on transporting hazardous materials. All of our commercial drivers also have hazardous material endorsements on their licenses.


Some of the services we provide offer regarding hazardous materials are:

- Freeze protection

- Managed returns 

- ISO certification

- 24/7 emergency response 

- Online tracking


All of the services that we provide are designed to provide you with assistance. There is no need for you to spend a significant amount of time managing the logistics of hazardous materials. When you work with New Malwa, you can count on our high-quality customer service and logistics solutions to assist you in every regard.

Contact us today to learn more about our HAZMAT transportation services.

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